NANOVAK Ar-Ge A.S. Company has been established in 2006 for satisfying, primarily Turkish users’ needs then in long term international needs, about the vacuum and thin film coating systems topics.

Company takes place in the Hacettepe University Technopark and develops vacuum and thin film systems by means of research and development. Main activities are on the topics of, building vacuum chambers and systems, equipping them with thermal evaporating, sputter and electron beam parts and as preparing them thin film processing devices.

NANOVAK buys no consultancy or uses no know-how from other companies. Does not sell other companies’ products or doesn’t represent other companies.

NANOVAK serves on several topics, such as

• Designing LV, HV, UHV vacuum systems,

• Consultancy on solvi ng problems of vacuum and thin film systems,

• Training on vacuum and thin film systems topics,

• Developing thin film coating systems,

• Design and production of vacuum and thin film systems components,