NANOVAK Ar-ge A.S. Located in Hacettepe University Technopark. Vacuum chambers and systems, making these systems heat, tearing and electron gun equipped with parts in the production of thin-film processing tables work in the fields.

  • System design,
  • Vacuum and thin film counseling for problem resolution issues,
  • The vacuum system leak dedection,
  • Improvement of the existing vacuum system,
  • Vacuum and thin film studies to be trained in such services are provided.


NANOVAK Ar-Ge extends training to its partners, on vacuum science, vacuum technologies and thin film and coating applications. Training sessions can be carried out as series of seminars and/or hand on training vacuum and coating systems.


Nanovak Ar-Ge, extends advising to system users to upgrade their vacuum system to be more functional, more user-friendly and more robust.


NANOVAK Ar-Ge extends maintenance to systems that it delivered earlier and warrants its own systems for a period of 1-3 years depending upon the signed agreement. In addition, maintenance agreements can be signed for each year following the warranty period.


Our company is the solutions partner of Thyracont Vacuum Instruments from Germany, Thyracont is the producer of vacuum measuring devices with many patents. You may reach Thyracont by the link,, can also contact Nanovak for products.