The Work Team

NANOVAK Ar-Ge has been established by Prof.Dr. Zafer Durusoy and Dr. Recep Görür at Hacettepe University Technopark in 2006. Running its operations with a powerful team, consisting of physics, electrical and electronics engineers and technicians.

Besides full-time workers, NANOVAK improves the team by cooperations with university and industry and renews its information and abilities alongside developing age and technology.

NANOVAK which having a place in Hacettepe University Technology Zone, does research and development work on vacuum, vacuum experiments and thin film preparing systems topics. Also works on building vacuum chambers and systems, equipping them with thermal evaporating, sputter and electron beam parts and as preparing them thin film processing devices. The vacuum and thin film production benches formed according to users’ requests in the process of research and development phase and presented to the end user with a training in the user’s own site. The thin film processing systems designed and produced as turn-key devices consisting of vacuum chamber, sample holding and heating unit, pumping unit, electronic control and measurement devices with pressure and gas flow tuning units, valves and other side equipments.

Company develops its own electronical and mechanical designs in its premises, and completes the production by cooperating with the companies in the industry. The manufactured systems and components, continuously improved by an approach can be defined as “looking for the better and the best”.