Türkiye Innovation Week (06/12/2014)

NANOVAK Ar-Ge, has awarded with the third prize within the “Innovation Results” category of the “Innova League” Innovation Champions Rally which is organized as part of "Türkiye Innovation Week 2014 İstanbul"

Creators of difference in Technoparks (09/02/2014)

What the 15 star companies of Technoparks are busy with? In February edition of Ekonomist mag selected 15 companies among them founded by the entrepreneurs in technoparks, which will be shining mostly in the future.


First Technology Development Zones Summit (23/03/2013)

Our General Manager Hüseyin Zafer Durusoy having the Grand Prize award of the Research and Development, and Innovation category, presented by Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Ministry Nihat ERGÜN.


Hürriyet Daily (11/04/2013)

Scientists of Hacettepe produced Space Simulator.


Skytech (Mayıs/2013)

Turkish Scientists produced Space Simulator.

The electronics of satellites, rockets or aircrafts can be tested by the Space Simulator built by scientists of Hacettepe.


Ekonomist (10/07/2011)

Shining stars from technoparks. Technoparks became dynamos of the state economy.